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GENIUS Audit & Conseil S.A.S is an accounting, auditing and consulting firm based in Dakar where its headquarters is located at SACRE CŒUR III lot n°137 TF 21926/DG Dakar – Senegal.
The firm is headed by Mr. Mamadou Mourtalla Fall, Certified Chartered Accountant, Statutory Auditor, registered with the National Board of Accounting Experts and Chartered Accountants of Senegal (ONECCA-SENEGAL), who is surrounded by tax specialists, lawyers, accountants and experts in various and varied fields.

Its staff is structured into audit, advisory, accounting, tax and payroll services in order to better meet the specific needs of each of these businesses.

At GENIUS Audit & Conseil S.A.S, each client is unique and deserves a tailor-made support. Our relations will be based on mutual trust. In the digital age, our ambition is to offer you a new way of doing accounting with the use of artificial intelligence.
A privileged contact person who knows how to make himself /herself available, who has an excellent knowledge of your file and who organizes the use of all other internal or external skills is appointed for each of our clients. Our employees are trained regularly in order to be always up to date with developments impacting their business.